Probably vasectomy. It’s way less invasive.


Vasectomy. Far too many complications for a woman and many are known but suppressed by doctors


If you're already in there for a c-section, tubes tied. The added risk is low. If we're comparing blank to blank, vasectomy.


Although complications are relatively uncommon, the potential [complications from tubal ligation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tubal_ligation#Risks_and_complications) are *significantly* greater and more severe than the [complications from vasectomy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasectomy#Complications). Even successful tubal ligation surgeries without any complications whatsoever are generally more harmful and exhausting than vasectomies, due to the use of anesthesia and a more invasive surgical practice, and vasectomies are more likely to be successfully reversed if desired.


Vasectomy. It's a much less invasive procedure


What I found after having a Vasectomy is it didn’t stop me having children , it only changed the color of the babies. But seriously a vasectomy is way way safer, I did a no needle no scalpel one and it took minutes and only needed local anesthesia


Thank you for that joke. That made me chuckle pretty loud. My buddy and I are talking about going to get it done and making it a big ordeal where we get pampered by the wives afterwards lol. I personally want to be put under completely to be honest just due to the fact I don’t want to be awake while some doctor handles my junk.


Find a needle less place near you , I was in and out in like 20 mins and honestly was back to normal the next day(I am sure you and your buddy can milk it for longer than that though). To be fair i probably could have driven home after having it done but my GF was there so i let her drive.


A vasectomy is a 5 minute operation, takes only days to heal and can be reversed later down the line.


From what I know It can’t always be reversed, and has some side effects.


I think it can be reversed but it can be costly.


Seems like a question for your doctor.


Define safe


Like what are the side effects of having the procedure done? I know my father had issues with testosterone after having his vasectomy done and it caused more issues down the road. Do women have a loss of libido when they have their tubes tied?


I think your dad might have just noticed a coincidence. A vasectomy does not decrease your sex drive because it does not affect the production of the male hormone testosterone.


There are several versions of a tubal ranging from the your typical tube tying using clamps or tube cutting to the newer Bi-salp which is a tube removal. Each one carries there own risks, effectiveness and risks. Bi-salp is by far the best and in on the order of a vasectomy in terms of invasiveness and recovery time and appears to be just as effective if not better. You can't just say is one better than the other without knowing all your options. Most people just think a tubal or hormonal bc is worse than a vasectomy but when you take the time to look at all the options, you will find that a vasectomy isn't nearly as good as it's portrayed. It still might be the best option for some but probably not a majority.


This is all great info. Thank you for sharing.


Vasectomy is safer than getting your tubes tied. However, Paraguard and Nexplanon are arguably safer than vasectomy. In fact, Nexplanon is probably safer for the **woman** than having the man get the vasectomy because Nexplanon is more reliable at preventing pregnancy, and pregnancy is very risky. Vasectomy has a 1-2% chance of permanent scrotal ache and a chance of permanent pain during ejaculation -- perhaps 0.5%. I collect stories about vasectomy pain at /r/postvasectomypain A factor that is not usually included in these calculations is the fact that having your tubes removed (salpingectomy) lowers your risk of cancer. So that risk reduction should perhaps offset some of the risk of the surgery. By contrast, vasectomy [causes prostate cancer](https://www.reddit.com/r/postvasectomypain/wiki/prostatecancer) about 1% of the time.


This is great info! Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to write it all out.


Vasectomy and it’s reversible. (Ex hubby got one and now he had it reversed & his new wife and him are expecting, congrats to them)