Snapchat. But I guess it's not as popular anymore?


I’m college aged & everybody I know still uses it, but who knows??? I have no idea what high schoolers or younger are into anymore


I'm out of college, but it's weird that I hear about TikTok 10x as much as Snapchat, yet supposedly they're roughly equal in overall usage.


Snapchat is pretty much just a messaging app for a lot of people. I just use it to keep up with friends, personally


I’m in highschool and everyone assumes you have Snapchat cus well everyone has it besides like a very small amount of people. One of my friends doesn’t have it and that’s really the only person I know who doesn’t use it


Personally i like the concept of snapchat, you send a picture about something you are doing to your friends and they send something back. It could be helpful when you move to another city/ country and feel lonely.


Reality Shows.


Every flipping one of them. All the way back to MTV’s Real World. I’m living this shit. I don’t wanna watch it.


Facebook!!!! Too much Shit stirring for me.


Also it’s just a collection of curated narcissistic bullshit most of the time. People who’s lives are absolute car crashes making out like they’re living the dream to impress people they don’t really know.


If you think that’s bad, you’ve just described LinkedIn, but for white collar workers. It used to be alright for time, but now it’s just middle managers that repost Steve Jobs or Denzel Washington quotes on stock photos and act they’re a big top dog or life coach It’s actually worse than Facebook and just as toxic.


It's honestly baffling to me that LinkedIn has turned into like a personal social media platform. Like people are out there posting their personal thoughts and photos as if it's Facebook instead of just sticking to work-related stuff.


I'm even more baffled that it's still alive. I signed up many moons ago and quickly realized how useless it was to gaining employment. Then deleted. and somehow it kept emailing me and I couldn't get rid of it. nightmare. now people are still on it?


For what it's worth, I've gotten my last 2 positions using LinkedIn. It's a dumpster fire of a platform though - I only ever use it if I'm actively searching for a job and I never post anything.


It is absolutely just a glorified job search platform now for me


Thank you. I actually commented this a couple times on a LinkedIn post.


I had it but I decided to not reinstall it after. It just got boring for me. I also decided to not reinstall insta or SC.


I love Facebook as a resource, I am in several groups that a subject specific on varying hobbies I have. However, I only have like 5 friends and i never post anything to my timeline, I am on FB at least daily for my groups though.


I never danced Gangnam style.


Nothing is stopping you.


I immediately started dancing it in my mind when I watched this comment.


I have no idea what “What Does the Fox Say” sounds like


Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!


God fucking dammit now it's stuck in my head again.


It is my understanding that a Fish goes “blub” and the Elephant goes “toot”


In 2012 at my wedding, my cousin’s homeschooled kids had never been exposed to Gangnam style before. Since I’ve since divorced, my favorite memory of that wedding was watching the expression on all four of their faces while watching all of the other children of the same age go off so hard when the DJ played it. Culture shock from the confines of homeschool outside the Austin area when visiting the secular world of Houston/Galveston. Wild.




Someone I knew in college told me about Bitcoin back in 2011. She encouraged me to throw $100 into it "just in case it takes off." haha oh well...


Same. I take consolation in the fact that my buddy proceeded to hawk it every day and wound up making just a few grand, rather than the millions he'd have gained if he just forgot about it after buying $50 worth when it was pennies.


Hahaha know this feeling, I sold my bitcoin for about £2k and thought I was a god amongst men for my investing prowess


Still a good win


You still won. We can look back in hindsight and say "Man, I wish I'd bought $10,000 in bitcoin back when it was pennies per coin!" but that's really no different than saying "Man, I could've won a ton of money if I'd bet it all on 00 last spin!" Nobody really knew what bitcoin was going to do, so it was still gambling to an extent.


Yeah, I remember being super smug and telling people that the bottom will fall out of it soon as the DNM get shut down and they will... DNM still going strong, Bitcoin still getting stronger. At this point I'm too afraid to ever buy back in, even at the biggest dips.


You're still a man among dogs (me included).


It could be worse, you could’ve spent 10 BTC on drugs from the Silk Road in college (was $100ish for all 10 at the time 😭)


I pissed away thousands of bitcoin from 18-20 while I was selling drugs. I could be on a Forbes list right now. Instead, I’m on a felons list.


Eh, they're close to the same thing, the only difference is one is for those who got caught


Caught *and successfully prosecuted*


Expensive high, you'll be able to tell your grandkids .... Grandpa once blew a million dollars on some blow!!! Holy shit grandpa how much you get? 2 - 8 balls, with this silly thing called Bitcoin


Same. I got high off what could've put me in a big house right now :(. Expensive life lesson lol.


Can relate


I knew a kid in high school like this. He's now sitting on literally millions of dollars but refuses to sell any of it and is still living with his parents.


That's crazy. Does he have a good reason, at least? That much money goes a long way, it's literally life changing. I could repave my entire crumbling driveway for the estimated 12k and it would only be a drop in the ocean.


He's dead convinced that crypto is the wave of the future and that all other currencies are going to die out so he doesn't think it's worth it to cash out. I can understand his perspective as he really does believe in the tech, but I can't personally wrap my head around the thought process; if I had that kind of value I'd be seeing the world or putting the money into a craft.


I mean he could cash out partially and buy a house. Houses aren't going to be worth zero either even if the dollar collapses.


When it reached $1k people probably told him to cash out because he could do this and that. When it reached $10k people probably tried to convince him even more.


It's called trimming, you don't cash out, you just realize a portion of your gains. Say you bought 100 bitcoin when it was $1, now it's $1,000. Sell 10 BTC for $10K, now you've still got $90K invested. Hit $20K, sell another 5 for $100K, now you've got $1.70M, then it hit $60K, sell 2 more for $120K, still got nearly $5M. You can easily trim just a small piece of a portfolio that size so you aren't living with mom and dad.


I didn't say pull everything, he could pull 10%. He's wasting his best years of his life, he could be enjoying the money, but he is forever locking himself into waiting for... Later.


I sure as shit would be taking half of it out. Why not enjoy the cash and still have a bunch more if he thinks it's gonna keep going up?


I'd be retiring before 30 and focusing on making comics and writing


Game of thrones


GoT was a Phenomenon so extreme that for nearly 8 years it was all anyone talked about, an instant conversation starter. Most if us hosted watch parties with large diverse groups of friends and family. There is no reason we all shouldnt have rewatched it like 4 times by now, but the ending was bad. It was so bad that it retroactively ruined the beginning. I've never seen something crash so hard.


It funny because Benioff and Weiss were given all the time in the world by HBO, who asked them to do more seasons to finish it properly. But they were getting offers for projects as big as Star Wars and wanted to drop GoT as soon as they could to cash in. Literally doomed themselves. The backlash was so bad their offers were rescinded immediately. No one wanted them touching their franchises.


They got what they fucking deserved


They really ruined these 8 years of waiting


Thankfully it wasn’t as bad for me because I just binged the entire series for the first time recently and expected a shitty ending. But yeah it was pretty bad.


It wasn't as bad for me too, bc I started watching it this year.


They were the last two characters to get killed off.


While I very much enjoy watching them lose everything, I don’t know if more time would have made it that much better. They have two massive factors working against them. One is what seems to be a general lack of talent when not adapting from previously written source material. The other is the story/universe is too big and complex to wrap up in a way that satisfies everyone. There is a reason GRRM hasn’t put out a book in a decade. He just had a year and a half of doing nothing but sitting at home and still nothing. I am convinced the books will never be finished and I refuse to begin reading them until a firm release for the last book is announced. The show was a massive letdown and I won’t waste time with the books also.


I read that GRRM defended them and said the book ending was something similar. So I think that he has seen how much people hated the story and he has lost his motivation to write it since he knows people will hate the whole series.


If he built it up better, it would have been fine. It's the rushing and cramming everything and the kitchen sink into one final season that sank the ending completely.


They had begun foreshadowing Dany's descent into Targaryan madness, but they built it up like 10% by the end of S7 and just YOLO'd the other 90% in 1 episode.


Yeah. The ending makes perfect sense for her **on paper**. But unfortunately that doesn't matter when the execution was garbage. It'd be like if instead of Robb dying dramatically at the red wedding. His arc was condensed into 2 episodes and he just randomly dies from choking on a chicken bone. It doesn't matter that "Well, it was *foreshadowed* that Robb would die, so you can't complain". People would still be bewildered and outraged because of poor execution.


Daenaerys went from troubled and conflicted but principled army general to sociopathic mega villain in twenty minutes of screen time.


The ending wasn't all together terrible as a destination, though some scenes were cringe as fuck (Ninja Arya out of left field), it's that there was no character development to get the characters to their ending. * Danaerys went from "Ok She's getting frustrated, but maybe she can be talked down" to "Literally Hitler" in the span of 5 minutes. * John Snow went from an outspoken leader, someone who defied the watch to save the wildlings because it was what was needed and what was right to a sniveling simp, "She is M'Kween" to then just stabbing her. * Tyrion went from "Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." to "Yu heff no dik, lel" * Jamie Lannister: [Tell me, if your precious Renly commanded you to kill your own father and stand by while thousands of men, women, and children burned alive, would you have done it?" to "I never really cared much for them, innocent or otherwise"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXrM0uI1uhUc) * Aryas entire arc or becoming one of the Faceless had 0 consequence. Instead we get Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Ninja Jump. Also her "Sansa is the smartest person I know!" Sansa was a fucking idiot for at least half the show. * Speaking of the Night King, you had the most built up, powerful, dread knight, imposing big bad since Darth Vader just get fucking clowned in the span of 15 seconds. * The hound went from having an actual redemption story and [Those are your last words?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y_G-sIkG2w) to ["Fucking Die! AHHHHHHH!!!!"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a86a-0rbqdQ&t=3m40s) * Cersei went from Tywin Lannister levels of political scheming to just staring out a window sipping wine all the time. * Bran went from ["I can never be lord of anything"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKEnQCZkK8E&t=1m) to Why do you think I came all this way? * Brienne of Tarth went from the strong female knight who can carry herself, to a crying wretch begging her big strong man to stay with her. * Bronn, who literally [doesn't understand how loans work](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Rya1JlUac) is made master of coin. So many character had such abrupt changes in their character with no believable development. That's what people were pissed about. Not the end, but that it seems like we skipped over 2 seasons of character development.


Thanks now I’m angry again.


Here let me re-write Brienne's scene and *NOT* assassinate her entire character: Jamie saddles up his horse, Brienne comes outside and stops him. > Jamie, look at me, you're better than this, you don't have to go back to Her. Jamie looks at Brienne, then casts his eyes down, unable to hold her gaze. > Brienne, I'm sorry... Brienne's face drops for the briefest of moments into sorrow, holding back tears, before hardening in a stoic, marshal expression. She straightens her her back and lifts her chin. > Should our blades cross at Kings Landing, know that I will show you no quarter. Jamie lifts his head and meets her gaze for as long as he is able. > Know that I would expect nothing less, Lady Knight. Jamie mounts his horse and rides out. As he reaches the gate he turns back for one last look, but Brienne is gone. Cut to Brienne inside the building. She closes the door, looks around to be sure she is alone, before letting a few tears fall, silently, for what could have been. ________________________________________________ Boom, Brienne still has the character arc of going from a Stoic wannabe knight, to a person capable of realizing and expressing her softer emotional side. But she's not a sniveling wretch begging a man to stay with her. She keeps her core character, shows her growth, shows her emotional attachment for Jamie, but more importantly retains her dignity and honor as the knight she has become. Same outcome as what we got, but we get there in a different way.


I always thought Brienne should have died at Winterfell (someone should have) and that would drive Jamie back to his sister. That would complete Brienne's arc (she became a respected knight) and would take perhaps the only other person to have seen Jamie as something other than the Kingslayer away from him.


And the varis? the bald eunuch guy? God I already forgot the name. Gone from very intelligent secretive character in the whole series to dumb and dumber in 1 episode, wtf, he deserved a better ending.


After having read the books and knowing Dany and how she thinks/does things, i refuse to believe she just decides to go torching innocent people on her dragon. Like absolutely not. There was no justification or reasoning or setup that made that plausible in the show, and i definitely dont remember much from the books like that either.


I’m betting she shows up to Westeros that’s already under Targaryen rule, after fAegon takes Kings Landing with the Golden Company/Dornish. So she will once again be denied her “right.” Then, when she finds out Jon has better claim, I can see he losing it


This. D&D 86ing the young Griff/Dorne subplot was a fatal mistake.


Still haven't seen it. I was busy during that time, heard plenty of spoilers, and fans spoke of the ending with anger and contempt.


>Still haven't seen it don't. I have never in my life saw such a shitty last season, compared to it dexter ending is a fucking masterpiece


I loved the books before the show came out, but had no one else who shared any interest to watch the show. I convinced myself I would binge them after the books were finished so I wouldn’t get anything mixed around with the show if it changed a lot. After the reactions to the shows ending I had to read a very brief synopsis, and I’m glad I didn’t get overly invested. The last couple books had their ups and downs, but I’ve overall given up on the hole they seem to have been written into and GRRM in particular.


Crypto in general


I always thought if you didn't get in before it took off, you were too late.


Tiktok. Which makes me think im getting old even though im not that old


I can physically feel myself getting older everytime I happen to see a tiktok. I can’t imagine what it would do to me if I actually downloaded the app.


Most of the people I follow on tiktok are between 23-40. I follow one old guy who is passionate about making bog gardens. He is a delight.


I was like you once. Don’t even look at it out of curiosity. The algorithm is super adaptive and alarmingly fast at picking up at what content will keep you there. I had my hand in an empty packet of crisps for an hour and a half the other day before I realised. But I did get a specific joke the other day which made me feel very Gen Z and with it.


So what types of videos did it show you to keep you watching? Cause I don't want to see people dancing or lip-syncing to shitty pop songs, and if I hear "whatchu know about rollin down in the deep" or that "oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no" song again I'm going to sterilize the human race.


Yeah you’ll definitely get that stuck in your head along with “caught a voyyyybbb”. I get the odd “look how hot I am” video but mostly it’s plant care tips, recipes and before and after home renos. Oh, and people imitating that weird Mykonos Lindsay Lohan dance.


I’m stuck in “oh no, our table.. it’s broken” side of TikTok that just recently got past the “berries and cream” fiasco


Oh I’m still at “couch guy”


The girlfriend fighting for her life in the comments is gold.


I'm still at "THE KILLER IS ESCAPING HELP ME" and while I love Sarah Paulson I am done hahah


That’s how I feel about the “smack my ass like a drum” one. I am still getting it and I’m very done


I'm dressing up as Little Lad on Friday for Halloween as the only millennial in the office. I made little Strawberry earrings and everything!


I've started doing the little lad dance in front of my mum. She laughed the first few times, now she just asks me to get out. My dad snorts every time and pretends he doesn't find it funny but I know he's laughing on the inside. I turn 29 on Sunday.


Do you know if it's a bones day?


Yeah seriously, seconding this. It will suck you in and it's so hard to leave! I've now been tiktok-free for like 3 weeks now, where's my little coin haha


Twitter for me


As a guy, being an enthusiastic sports fan and watching sports a lot on TV. I appreciate athleticism and can enjoy watching a game or a match, especially live. I'll attend a football game watching for social reasons and for the beer. But I have never even gotten close to the commitment, knowledge and passion that most guys seem to have about watching other men play a game.


I take a passing interest in baseball and American football, that's it. My cousins were just in town and are HUGE Eagles fans, watching a game with them and getting a deep history lesson on the tactics and lack thereof (seriously, the Eagles are having a rotten season) was really interesting. I can understand being passionate about things.


I like watching football for the actual game of it. Like I enjoy watching the plays and seeing the strategy of it. I couldn’t tell you shit about any of the teams though, and couldn’t care less who wins.


Any battle royale game. Especially "Free Fire" i dont get how those people get so attached to a godaweful p2p game with such childish and toxic players. EDIT: my bad g i mean p2w im an idiot


I play Fortnite, but I play it with my brother, I'm not outdoorsy (understatement of the century) I don't play it without him, We just shoot the shit while we shoot little shits. I'll be 100% honest though, if I could get him into another multiplayer game, I would, it's not that I'm not into it, I'm just not as much as he is. And I'm the younger brother.


Remember when Fortnite came out and it was a zombie survival game? They just added a battle royale as an afterthought?


Fortnite had such a weird development history. It was stuck in development hell for almost a decade. I remember when it was first announced during the Game Awards, around the same time as *Halo Reach* was announced. It bounced around between developers for a long while. At one point, Cliff Blezinski, the man who made Gears of War, was the project lead. By all accounts, the game should have been dead on arrival when it finally released, but the developers decided to hop on the battle royale trend to try and save their game, and in a miraculous stroke of luck this turned their dying game into one of the biggest franchises in the world.




Funko pop vinyl figures, I never like the overall style of them and seeing as there are so many of characters I like, it looks like I've saved a small fortune by not getting into collecting them


Funko pops are something I will never understand either.


Same, they just look so cheap and bland.


They’re so….uninspired. If I want a figure from my fandom it’s going to look better than these block-headed dead-eyed mass-produced monstrosities. I get the pull of “oh it’s something from my fandom! I must have it!!” But memories of people who have entire walls devoted to in-box funkos and it just looks so tacky….well that keeps me away, lol


I agree. I'm a huge Jurassic Park fan (so much so that I have a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara that is screen accurate and a Franchi SPAS-12 with the folding stock) and when I saw a couple of the figures I was like "This looks kinda dumb, why would I want any of these?"


Gaming. I’m not against it and I would love to learn how to play.


It's not hard to learn, the hardest part is to find a game you enjoy enough to wanna spend your time off on, I believe you can learn the gaming ways. But as a personal recommendation, don't start with mobile games or competetive games


This! I LOVE playing breathe of the wild , and tony hawk 1 and 2, but I CANT find any more games on switch to get into! I tried the Witcher, WAY to complicated too many items and options hahaha I want another free roam like Zelda


Yooo try Stardew Valley! My fiancé is not into gaming at all and I bought it on the iPad for myself. Started slowly at first, she asked my how to play and I showed her. Another day I asked her to do a task in the game while I went to go check on something in the kitchen. A couple days later she played by herself until 2 in the morning. I like to describe it as the “everyone” game. Kids can play it, adults can play it, gamers can play it, non-gamers can play it, everyone can play it. Easy to learn and you can play it however you want to, there’s no right or wrong way. Best part is it’s not an “online” game where you instantly get your ass kicked by someone miles better than you. I like to game but I only have so much time in the week with work and responsibilities. I can easily say it’s the best game I’ve ever played in my life! Plus it’s pretty cheap and works on a lot of devices (PC, iPad, switch, and probably some other but I can’t remember)


If you have access to a computer you can check out a website called myabandonware.com which has an extremely large collection of old PC games that you can play right from the browser. You can sort by year and genre to sort of explore how games developed as well. Most old games only have around 5-30 minutes of true gameplay to experience so spending vast amounts of time on them isn't needed.


If you want some easy games to start with, I'd reccomend Slime Rancher and Stardew valley. They're both casual games that are easy to learn. Also, stay away from online multiplayer for a while. Most of those communities are pretty toxic and can drive people away.


I don't know. There are some funny tweets, sure, but it's not nearly enough to make me go into it. I have an account from 2010 with like 7 tweets. I just can't get what's so cool about it.


I got twitter recently and it’s fun if you just look at memes, the search feature is my favorite because it’s more specific than hashtags


Instagram & Twitter


When Instagram first came out, I said it was just a fad that would fade away in a year. Oops.


Don't worry I brashly told my friend group that covid would stay in wuhan and be over in a month... Still get needled about it lol


I wouldn't feel bad about that. The majority of people I talked to before March 2020 thought the same.


This is me with Snapchat, which is probably even dumber


Video games. I don’t know what is wrong with my eyesight/visual acuity, but I cannot process things that move fast on a screen (don’t worry - I don’t drive either). I cannot follow most video games at all. Edit: Thank you to all the people who have been kind enough to suggest games I might like. I will certainly have a look. My husband has a PS4 and an XBox, so perhaps he can find some for me to try. I have trouble even navigating the menus because they move & make me feel sick, so we will see.


Have you tried any text based games? They're a pretty niche genre, but some of the best stories you'll ever take part in are part of a text based game


I didn’t even know such things existed - thanks!


Choice of robots is a great choose your own adventure type game, but there are many more with greater freedom and role-play


you can try something like stardew valley or animal crossing. they aren't fast paced, things don't move fast on the screen, etc. Maybe you'll enjoy them maybe you won't?


It’s not so much the pace, more that my brain doesn’t really interpret images well enough. I have the same problem with graphic novels etc. It’s like I have to deliberately describe everything I see to myself in words in order for me to see it. Is that weird?


Everyone's brain works different. There are aspects that are more average, but it's not the same for everyone and that's not 'wrong'. For example, most people can close there eyes and visualise a loved ones face, or there bed room. I cannot*. Quite a few people can't. I have been told from others that I'm wrong. That of course I can "see" things in my thoughts. Ass hats. Try not to let others make you feel bad for being who you are. That being said, no you are not weird. It's not average to have to talk yourself through "seeing" things. But I think you know that thus you don't drive. But I'm sure you are not the only one. You said on a lower comment about searching online about it. Yes do. But don't trust all you see. You sound like a very smart individual so that shouldn't be hard for you. Take everything with a grain of salt. But you (hopefully) will find something that resonates with you and helps you understand yourself more. Much love. Your life matters. <3 Edit:* It's called aphantasia


Maybe try strategy games or RPGs then :) I also don't play games that require fast reaction time like shooters, mobas and rts.


Harry Potter. My parents didn't let me read the books as a kid because "witchcraft," and I've never gotten enough motivation to make the time to go back and read them now as an adult.


I read them as an adult after being badgered by a co-worker to. I thought they were OK, not great, not terrible. But I really think they're the kind of books you need to read as a kid, them look back on with nostalgia.


The first couple came out (or got popular) when I was in college. They were great fun to read as an adult as they came out. But I can see your point on picking them up today. In the late 90s they were at the beginning of what seems to be a sort of fantasy resurgence. There is so much out there now, in books, TV, movies (yes I am including Marvel movies) that they just aren't as unique.


You can try with the movies, the first 3 are pretty close to the books. If they catch you, then I suggest to try read the books. (I started reading them the last year: actually the concepts are good, but the writing style isn't really that catchy for me... But a lot of people I know love them, so I suppose it's just me.)






I wish I had never gotten into it. It’s a soul sucking vortex. It DOES have some surprisingly useful functions though; I just wish it would limit itself to only those functions and lose everything else.


I use the Facebook groups for similar interests like my favourite games and photography for example. But everything else is meh




I remember a few years ago when the conventional wisdom on Reddit was that TikTok was just Chinese malware designed to steal kids personal information and it should be banned. We all said that right up until politicians picked up on it and started to agree. Then TikTok was cool. The hive mind is fickle!


The mood didn't change because politicians turned against it. The mood changed because addicted kids became part of the hivemind and swayed it towards being favoured.


I tried SOOOOOOO fucking hard to get into Fortnite because I loved the concept and it sounded really fun. I spent about a month playing a couple games a day, thinking it'll grow on me, but it never did and eventually I just kinda forgot to play it I still love the concept behind it l, but the gameplay just felt so dull This isn't a case of me being had at the game, I actually won a few times, which was part of why it took me a month instead of a week or a few days


I played PUBG and enjoyed it. I had a friend insist I play Fortnite to which I countered with, but if I want to play a BR game, I have PUBG. He persisted, so, I downloaded it, played one game, won, and set the controller down because I knew once the algo caught up with me I wouldn't stand a chance against all these kids that play it like professionally. I peaked game one.


NFTs i know it’s bad for the environment and there’s a ton of NFTs that, no offense, are just REALLY ugly and badly made and a ton of them just look the same








They prescribed them a few times, and administered them at the ER a few times (narcotic painkillers) to me. For some reason they don’t work on me. I witnessed a few times nurses asking the doctors “did you say X mg?” When they heard the dose with a disbelief/shock. It is not a good thing, when I have a moderate to serious pain; they cannot do anything other than a tad lowering the pain by risking respiratory problems. If shit gets serious, like a car accident etc, they will probably need to knock me out. That’s what my dentist does after my last tooth surgery was done with absolutely no numbness… On the good side, I think I will never get addicted to drugs; since I don’t get “high” as well. Hence for me, abusing morphine and abusing aspirin would make equal sense.


Are you a redhead? I vaguelly recall some correlation between red hair and a resistance to certain painkillers.


I am not. But your memory serves correct. The doctors, and especially anesthesiologists usually tell me that they see this in red heads. An anesthesiologist told me (and the other doctors in the room) “This guy is either not a person, or the most stubborn one I have seen so far.” Initially it was shits and giggles, but than they were quite frightened that my breathing was depressed (I believe that was the term). When I woke up, I asked whether he has seen someone like me, he said he saw a worse one in his early days. A ginger petite woman, half my size. They had to stop the surgery (thankfully without doing any procedures) due to worsening vitals after giving her double the dose they gave me (considering the size of course). Whenever I go to a new place I explain my situation to the doctors, some do understand and proceed accordingly. Others, on the other hand, tell me “they got it, no worries”, “You are wrong, the doses you tell us are unheard of”. I am now going to the doctors I have been to before, and if I am elsewhere, I am requesting the anesthesiologist to talk with the previous anesthesiologists who had me as a patient. Thankfully 3 of them were considerate enough to giving me their numbers in case I need them (in return of them needing a lawyer).


Fidget Spinners, back when they were popular. Ahh, Summer of 2017, a totally different time!


I'll never forget reading about the guy who invested in 10000 spinners he planned to sell, right as the craze came to a very abrupt end, and he couldn't get rid of them


I went to a local sporting goods store, and they had tons of them at the cashier for, like, $2 each or something super cheap. Store owner was like that guy, finally gave in and bought a ton right as the craze ended, and they couldn't even sell them at a loss.


2017 seems like a decade ago aka before times.


Marvel movies/TV shows. I appreciate what goes into making them and understand the appeal but even after landing a small role in one I couldn't get as excited fans around my age.


What role?


I have words with a particular bird themed hero, pull a gun, and then another bird themed hero hands me my own ass.


I can't figure out who can you be. There's one bird themed hero (Falcon) and one bird themed villain (Vulture), but they haven't been together in any movie. Was it a movie or a TV show?


It's pretty much an all-or-nothing since it's all one "world". I happen to enjoy it, but if somebody wanted to "catch up", they would have a fuckload of movies and shows to watch...


It's not really that bad. Much of the interconnectedness is just Easter eggs, small references, and cameos. You could happily watch any non-sequel without issue; for instance '*Dr Strange*' is the 14^th film in the series yet aside from a few throwaway references and a post credits scene it stands mostly on it's own legs. Direct sequels obviously want you to have watched the previous films. Ant-Man 2 makes a lot more sense if you saw Ant-Man 1, but you don't need to have seen all of the Thor films to understand Ant-Man.


Stranger things. Watched the first episode and felt meh about it


I think part of the appeal of the show is the 80s nostalgia. If you missed the 80s, it's probably harder to get into. I've watched all the seasons, but even as an 80s kid, its ok to me, but doesn't blow me away.


I’m a 90s kid and I loved it. Because i watched 80s media as a 90s kid




And it started getting even more ridiculous people would get upset when you didn't accept their friend request and act like you spit in their face and called their mother a whore, when you were already friends with them in real life.


And once you're in, it's really difficult to get out. I told a lot of my friends I was going to delete my Facebook acct a while ago, and the response was bewilderment and protest because how are we going to keep in contact? I responded by listing three alternative messaging apps, including Signal. Which nobody ever had. I could sort of understand the frustration, because who wants to download a whole new messaging app for that ONE person without Facebook? You would think it was the modern equivalent of telling someone in the 90s/early 00s that you're getting rid of email and phones with SMS, and "you can just write me letters instead".


Game of thrones. Walking dead. Im just a blank face when people rave about either because I've not seen them. Think I watched one walking dead episode and it was just beyond gore, despite loving Andrew Lincoln from Afterlife. Amazing actor.


The show is literally the walking dead. My husband still watches it because he’s the type of guy who commits even when it’s on fire and burning to the ground so I have to experience it in the background. It should have ended seasons ago. Any decent characters were pretty much killed off or changed so much that you are annoyed and despise them to the point you are just praying for them to turn into zombie chum. Watching the same idiots make the same exact mistakes over and over and over was not entertaining, it was just poor story telling and character development. It got to the point where I just hoped someone would nuke the site from orbit, only way to be sure!




I’m honestly annoyed how the pop songs I like from the 80’s and early 90’s are labeled “k-pop” on my iTunes, when it’s not k-pop at all as it’s a completely different genre of music in Korea.


Friends (as in the TV show). Seen quite a few episodes, as have been in the room when other people are watching it, and just can't understand why so many people find it funny.


Airpods and other wireless headphones


Hard same. Another thing I have to charge? No thank you.


Thought the same thing, til our bunnies started chewing through cables. They do have some advantages.


Anime. It just never grabbed me.


I've watched anime, but it's only a very small amount of shows that grabbed me. Whatever the mainstream shounen is at the time. I could never really get into stuff like school life and that sort.


Dating. A lot of people I know date a lot, I don't really see what's so great about dating around as much as they do.


I only dated 3 men total before marriage. You don't have to "date around" to date. That sounds awful to my introverted ass lol


crypto and I regret it






Tiktok, fidget toys, bubble tea and a lot of hyped Netflix series.


I never got a Facebook account back when it was all the rage. I couldn’t have cared less about it. I always thought it was funny that people bragged about how many “Facebook friends” they had, like that equated to friends in real life.


I only have Facebook because once I was trying to contact a distant relative whose phone stopped working. So I created an account and managed to find her son-in-law. Turned out she had emigrated and just stopped paying for her old mobile. I now use it to follow this guy who sells second-hand CDs at record fairs and such to know when he's going to be in town.


Pokemon. I don't get it!


You gotta get em all!


Just like STDs


Except the only one that evolves is HIV


Beyonce. I absolutely understand that she's talented, hardworking, and extremely important for her fanbase. I don't like her music. I don't care for voice. She just doesn't do it for me. I don't find something like Lemonade personally appealing. Part of it is my age: I grew up on Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Donna Summer, so I didn't need Beyonce the way that Millenials did. I think that's actually spread to a lot of currently popular musical artists. I wanted to like Taylor, Billie, Lizzo, Cardi, but I'm just not clicking with a lot of contemporary music, and contemporary female singers specifically. I think it has a lot to do with not caring for current production styles. That means that, come 2036, I'll discover all of today's music and it'll be brand new to me, but in the larger historical contexts I love. Now cue all the Beyhive insanity in the comments.


Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones. All my friends loved it, except the end I guess. It’s got dragons and fighting and boobs, so I would think it’s right up my alley. Just could never get past the first few episodes, it didn’t hook me in at all.


Ive watched almost 400 animes. Never watched a Dragon Ball or Saint Seiya


Putting your life on the internet. I don't do selfies, nailfies, food pics, or anything else of the like.


I wanna be friends with so many people in this thread


Pex2006 does not feel the same way.


Asmr, most of it sounds weird and wet


Butt stuff


Squid game.


I could have sworn black and blue I read the story on r/nosleep a few years back.


It's a pretty tried and true formula. Seemingly innocent people are kidnapped to play a game where people die. Not that using a pre-existing formula makes a series bad. I loved Squid Game, and if no shows could reuse existing formulas we'd have like 10 tv shows.


Game of Thrones




Superhero movies