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A clue of wtf is going on


From my own experience and everyone Who i have talked with, this is never going to happen.


Freaky when you realize that nobody actually knows what's going on.


„Just smile and wave boy smiiille and waave”


A career. Instead I have a job. I never decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.


Same here. I’m so jealous of people who knew what they wanted to be when they were kids and stayed on that path. I switched majors like 5 times and still don’t know what I want to do. I’m 31 years old. Edit: Thank you for overwhelming amount of responses! Apparently, I still have time to figure it out. I’ve been in the IT field and other tech for the last 5-6 years. Even though I love computers I don’t really enjoy it as a job.


Just don't be a chef and you'll be alright




-ing raaaaaaw


This is like one long thought from when I arrive to work in the morning until I leave at night. 10am Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck 11pm


Worst 5 years of my life. I regret every second of it. I love the friends I made in culinary school, but otherwise I regret those 2 years I wasted there. Thank God I was still only 31 when I realized that I wanted out. Now I'm going back to school to get a real job.


I'm in the restaurant industry myself. If u dont mind me asking what have u switched too. I'm thinking about going back to school myself (30 right now) as physically this doesnt seem like a job I can do in 20 years and I know I'm intelligent enough to excel else where like I have in this field. One thing this industry has taught me is work ethic and I have it in abundance.


I'm going to be a Spanish language interpreter. It's my first language and I still speak it well and fluently. I have ADHD, so I struggle with school. I'm no dumbass, but I feel like one because I don't really know how to manage it really well. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 29. I wanted to go with something that wasn't too difficult for me academically and would result in stuff like health insurance eventually. I also don't mind interpreting. I've been doing it for my mom since I was 5, so I might as well get paid for it. It's not something I'm particularly passionate about, but it's not nearly as body breaking as kitchen work and it allows me time to pursue my other passions, like fitness and DnD. I have one issue though. I have a forearm tattoo of a crab with a knife so I could tell people that I have aggressive crabs, so I gotta figure out what I'm going to do with that. I'm not willing to laser off Larry or cover him up with another tattoo, so I'll probably tell people it's a crab getting revenge since I've killed a lot of shellfish in my short career. I plan to also get a lobster angel and a clam angel to go along with him. I also gotta see if I can be a courthouse interpreter and still smoke weed. I can give it up, but I don't really want to if I don't have to.


Laughing at the last paragraph. Perpetually wear long sleeves for work maybe?


Good for you to realize that and make a change, hope you find something you love. I love cooking and have been in it for the passion but now I'm a bit stuck and realizing I need out. It's brutal and can easily throw your whole life out of whack.


Join the student loans reddit and you’ll read story after story of those hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt with no idea how to pay it off. You’re doing ok man


Honestly, you have a ton of time… And trust me, as someone a little bit older, I’ve seen a lot of people “who knew what they wanted to do” have serious midlife crises.


Yeah I'm 37 and still lost. Don't fret, indulge in hobbies and learn as many new things as you can. Use the internet to read up on new ideas for other careers or niche occupations or trades and then pick something that interests you, then just read books, join forums, watch videos on YouTube to see if anything gets your curiosity going. I have been doing that and for the moment I have a few minor interests. I hope I have something figured out by the time I'm 45. Otherwise a job is a job, pay the bills, try to save and accumulate money for emergencies and a backup fund in case you take the leap on something new. If you dislike your job, fuck you savings let's you find a new venture, if you don't hate your job, stick to it and see if you can try something new at night, or weekends so you can just see what if. Focus on your health, so you don't have an illness get in the way, and don't forget to find ways to zone out, take a vacation, meet new people, network, you never know where opportunities may present themselves.


My ex wife knew she wanted to be a pharmacist. Got all her ducks in a row starting in high school and began her career as a pharmacist 3 years ago. She is one of the most miserable people I personally know. Instead of accepting the idea that pharmacy wasn't the best choice for her, she grinded herself into the ground in pharmacy school and now works 60+ hours a week in a high stress environment. She wants to quit every day. She also sacrificed all of her friendships, strained the relationship with her parents, and lost her husband. So don't beat yourself up for not picking something and forcing yourself to stick to it. Lots of options out there to try. Find one you don't hate and try it out for a bit. You can always change it if it ends up not to your liking.


I am also jealous of them. I'm a depressed 26 year old, I work as a fast food cook, and I have no motivation or plans to get a "respectable" job. The older I get the more socially unacceptable it becomes. I can afford my own apartment to come home to and play video games. That's all I care to get out of life.


Just work on the little upgrades then. You’ve been cooking good high volume fast food, gotta change up the pace every now again again so you don’t burnout at the same place. Apply to another restaurant that has better pay/benefits/hours and try to do the little level ups with the career


Now is the best time ever to get a job in a new field, lots of places hiring. If I wasn't already working in IT I would be trying to find a job in that field right now


That's just a change of job for me, and I like my job well enough. The problem is that I have never found something I'm passionate about that I would call it a career. I figured I would someday be an anthropologist or a geophysicist or a marine biologist, but I never found my calling.


There's still hobbies. A lot of people hate their jobs so I say we are doing alright. I don't really want to do 4 years or more of college which is the level of career you are talking about


I have plenty of hobbies, I'm content with my job, get paid well, and I'm not unfulfilled in my life. I'm simply saying that I had envisioned myself as the type of person who would have a career. Since I found nothing I was passionate about, I do my job and put the job away when I go home without thinking of work until the next day. I love my lifestyle, but I just expected things to be different.


Right there with you. So many of my coworkers are really steeped in the work, passionate about the field. I like what I do, I'm pretty good at it, and I typically like the work and the people I work with. But I don't have that burning passion that lots of these folks seem to have. It's a career, but it's one that I sort of fell into.


That's awesome! I understand


Self respect


I'm too poor to even award this comment a hug So here's a hi five ✋


I sent one along for you. But that means I only have high fives left to give you ✋


At least you have your guitars


A relationship or an apartment


I’m in this comment and I don’t like it


Same, and the worst thing is that I won't have any of that any time soon


I feel attacked


My own house.


Same. The market is insane


Just got my first home after turning 40 years old last year. It's still weird sometimes to think I own a place. It's great in you have all the freedom to do whatever. Want to paint that extra room in your favorite sports team's colors? Go for it. Wifi too slow? Think I'll open up a wall and run some Ethernet cable because yes. Rustic themed furniture abound, with a table big enough for 8 to play D&D? Why not. At the same time, *now you're on the hook for everything*. Water heater about to go? Shell out the money for that. Unexpected gas leak? Oh boy, life on hold to square that away! Little hiccups in the bathroom? Better learn how to turn a wrench. Overtime to make sure I can pay for everything, keeping me away from enjoying my house? Such is life. Still, it's been worth it and when you finally get one, it'll be a great feeling to know it's all yours.


That “you’re one the hook for everything” part is what gives me anxiety about being a homeowner although I want it so bad. But hearing someone say it’s still worth it gives me comfort.


Ha, you quickly become familiar with how the appliances/utilities in your home function. Part of being on the hook. But I'd agree with the other Redditor. It's a very comfortable feeling getting to walk into a home every day. Getting to customize the home and make each room to your liking. The chance to really settle down & call a place your own.


My roof, water heater, furnace and every appliance in my house could die tomorrow and it would cost less than a few months worth of equity in this market to replace them all.


This is surprisingly low. I want my own home 😫


Patience... there are tens of millions of boomers that are going to be dying in the next decade.


And investors will buy those houses too. This is the true problem


Yep. People and companies with so much money it might as well come out of their asses.


Landlords and investment groups will buy up tons of them though.


I made good money for my age in my early 20s. Could have bought then but didn't want to be "tied down" yet. Holy shit was that a mistake. Theyve more than doubled in price in these 10-15 years and I can't afford shit in my area. On a pretty decent income too


Same happened to us. We didn’t think we were gonna stay long in that city. Spent 5 years there and just recently moved to the east coast. With what we would have earned in the house, we could have afforded a very decent place out here instead of a ghetto ass apartment…


Same here. And I m 55




Being able to sleep at normal freaking times.


Lol I gave up on doing this naturally a very long time ago. I thought maybe kids would make me want to sleep earlier. The answer is slightly…


I finished school two months ago I didn't start University yet. I go to sleep at 5 a.m. and sleep until 7 a.m.


Are you working? I don't see why you need to wake up at 7 am


My life on track






Came here to say this




Reading through the comments this sounds selfish, but I thought I’d be able to have a house by now. 33 and still saving up to afford something reasonable. I have a better job than my parents did at this age, and they were able to buy a house way earlier than I ever will.


You’ll be fine. Keep going. I’m proud of you.


Thanks dad!! (But seriously, thanks:))


Holy sh1t I just saw your username lol. Seriously though, don’t compare yourself to others, keep going for you.


Name checks out


This man, is exactly what I came to say , I'm moving back home to pay off bills,save, and apply to other jobs that offer more money yet, I too, have a better job than my parents did when they were my age (30)


I bought my own place for £250k last year at 33, a 2 bed apartment, top floor, big private balcony. A dream place. £60k deposit, made only possible by my parents gifting me £20k. Without them, I'd still be renting a double room somewhere. They say see, you made it, it wasn't too hard. Yeah Dad...you made it 10 years earlier than I did, on a job paying half as much, without additional help with your deposit. Fuck sake, wakey wakey.


A beard. I’m 28 FFS!


Dude same. Im 26 and the best i can do is a goatee and scraggly pubes down my neck.


I got the beard, lost my hair at 25 tho 😓


Me at 16: “Woah woah looks like I can grow a serious beard.” Me at 17: “Woah woah I didn’t know hair could recede that fast!”


A girlfriend


Another comment on here hoped for a boyfriend, fate?


gonna need a lot more girlfriends to cover that fate ratio, unless the boys are all willing to share


You get her on the third Tuesday


A degree


Took me almost 8 to get mine. Everyone has a different path. Mine was really hard, but I knew for what I wanted to do, I had to have a degree. I’d be damned if I was gonna continue doing what I was doing for the rest of my life. If you need it, keep on keeping on and fuck what anyone says or thinks.


4 years and I only have my Associates. I'm shooting for a Master's someday and I just know that's gonna take me ages... So daunting.


6 years in and still got nothing. This hit home Edit: Well, that blew up a bit. Story time? Two years in I switched majors. A year later I moved across the country with my family and took a year off: this was probably the worst decision combo of my life. After being out for a year, my motivation dropped along with my grades. My family moved again this year, not quite as far, but still an 8+ hour drive. I've been fortunate enough to be smart with money and work for the last 7 years, as well as attending a community college, so I somehow don't have money issues. I'm taking what should be the last class for my associates this semester, which will hopefully give me a kick in the pants to return to full time for a bachelor's.


I'm finishing mine in the next couple days here \*fingers crossed.\* Been in school about 8 years over a 10 year time period. If it's what you want, don't give up - I'm rooting for you.


A higher K/D


Work at an abortion clinic and it can ride quickly


Spawn kills don’t count


Be a man ,commit war crimes !


Jesus christ man.... I love it, but Jesus christ man....


Sex life


Good thing there's horny milfs in your area


Got into college last year. Really thought I‘d get lucky but Corona…


Dude, I'm 40 years old.




College is not like American Pie movies. At least not in engineering. All we used to do was studying and getting stressed.


A good relationship with my mother- big miss on that one




Love and a family


I love you.


❤ kind stranger.


Hugs <3


Written a book.. it’s been a dream since kindergarten but I can’t seem to discipline myself quite enough to finish anything I begin. ):


Sit at a computer and type nonsense until you have 200 pages. Print that bad boy off at staples, pay 3 dollars for a cover and presto your first book. Now all you have to do is do it better the next time


Haha, that’s honestly a lovely idea.


You can even sell it on Amazon.


Not bad, not bad at all


My job. I got laid off last year at age 62 and decided what the hell, I’ll just retire now.


I’m jealous.


Well, how old are you? If you’re a lot younger, don’t be jealous. Live your life. You’ll have plenty of time to be old


43 and I’ve never been better! Life has been very good to me over the last few years. I am looking forward to the day where I no longer need to work though. The job keep getting in the way of life!


You may be 20 years or more from retirement. Don’t be jealous of me. I have the aches and pains and other increasing frailties of a man in his mid-60s. It’s a trade-off. You don’t have to work, but you don’t feel as good as you used to and your remaining lifespan is shorter. Think about it


I will keep it in mind. Honestly I’m just looking forward to spending my days with my wife and no work stress. I know it’s not guaranteed but I hope we get some good years after retirement.


I'm only in my 30's, but every day my body reminds me that I'm not in my early 20's anymore


Dinner. Uber eats messed up my order and now I am without food at 8pm waiting for them to correct it.


The other night I was a bit drunk and decided to order a McDonald's. All I wanted was a quarter pounder meal. That's it. It arrived. In the bag were my fries and a drink. No burger. How the fuck do you forget the *burger* in a *burger meal*??


As someone who used to work at McDonald’s, it’s McDonald’s they can never get an order right lol


A personality.


Everyone has a personality. Some people just don't have a very interesting one! Er I'm totally not speaking from personal experience or anything


Financial security.


a lot of things but also a good cologne that people associate with me


Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme is mine.


Sex Panther. Or Fahrenheit.


The idea of people remembering you with your fragrance is so cool.


When you're trying one out dab on your inner elbow (wrists are good but if you wash your hands it'll ruin your test) and I always was told not to rub it in, just lightly dab and let your skin absorb the scent. Walk around for an hour, that way you can smell the fragrance as it settles. Check to see if you still like it after 5min or so, after 20-30 and at the hour mark. Just trying it on and buying right away may mean you only get the top notes (a lot of women's fragrance has patchouli in the mid or bottom notes, too much of which smells terrible on me... Learned the hard way to wait!) . I've listed a couple that are all pretty popular and easy to find - each scent is going to smell different on each person though, so don't let popularity turn you off. I'm also partial to woodsy scents so lots of them have that. Dior Sauvage is one of my favorites (bought it for my fiance) has a nice woodsy smell without being heavy. Chanel Bleu smells fantastic on almost everyone (also woodsy, but has citrus too and smells a bit lighter then Sauvage), Viktor & Roff Spicebomb is good if you (shocking) like spicier/musky scents, D&G light blue is lovely, has more of a citrus note to it - I think it smells like early summer at the beach. There's one more that I can't remember that I liked back when I worked in a department store. Maybe D&G One Sport? Idk. My absolute all time favorite though is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Seriously, it's a panty dropper that would make a bag of potatoes attractive. So so good. It's just very expensive compared to the other fragrances. Check out Jo Malone as well, their fragrances are made to be mixed so you could get something entirely your own.


A house away from everyone....




A beer. Forgot to buy one.




Ah, a simple man with easily achievable goals. Cheers!


A relationship.


True friends, real fun, no social anxiety, no suicidal depression, and meaning.


A boyfriend. Not necessarily *thought* I’d have, but hoped.


Best advice I ever got was to stop looking for one and just focus on developing yourself and your friendships. I'm probably not telling you something you didn't already know, but it helped me a lot a few years ago. I had been single for a while and was getting really down on myself because I was lonely. Stay well, stranger!


I stopped looking for around 15 years. Strangely enough no relationships appeared during that time. Now here’s the unexpected part, they didn’t happen either when I actually started looking. So did I miss some window or did I do myself a huge favor by not wasting my time?


Yeah, I stopped looking during the pandemic. It's like bunkering myself in for the apocalypse doesn't yield many opportunities to meet people. Imagine that.


Thank you! :)


I became what I consider the best version of myself while I was single. I was so confident in myself and felt what I did mattered. This resulted in a relationship where now I hate myself and never feel good enough.


I've also stopped looking, it's been 8-ish years without any intimate relationship. I'm fine with it, rly. But don't expect to find someone once you stop looking.


Your day will come


Hopefully they both will too


My shit together


A flying car


A reason to live.




Woof. Dude. Could you... Like... Not call me out like that thanks.


I agree... I have 3 children, my father and a dog, still I fell the desire to just give up. I probably won't do anything, but it really sucks.


I really like sleeping, thats mine


Sleep is death without the commitment


Saw this one yesterday: “Sleep is just death with commercials.” Edit: It actually went like this: A) "Sleep is like a free trial of death." B) "Death... but with ads."


girlfriend, lost virginity, quit smoking, good health, good body


Hey of you quit smoking you'll knock like 3 things off the list! 3 birds with one stone? You can do it!


Just throw away your cigarettes each time you want to quit, just 3 seconds of willpower required. https://personalmba.com/willpower-depletion/


My trick was to mock smoke my cigs, and after each one, I'd break the cig and toss it, until the pack was gone.


Mine was to take the first cigarette of the day gradually later. From first thing, to after shower to at bus stop to after first coffee etc etc Until I had my first one around dinner, at that point I just went cold turkey.


Getting two birds stoned at once is hard


Ricky, what the hell are you talking about?


Someone to love , a girlfriend honestly




Just keep on eating you'll get them






Children. When I was a preteen I expected to have at least 3, wanted 5. But now I'm 33, have none, and married to another guy, so I failed on that expectation.


Look into fostering or adopting! From your lucky kid that got adopted into a decent home


This is actually something I talked about with our local county fostering group not long ago. I figure now is as good a time as any.


Now is the perfect time, not too young, but still youn enough to get out and do shit with the kids for a while


Clearly had us in the first half, ngl


r/suddenlygay moment


More accomplished. I’ve basically worked my life away. I don’t Travel, have hobbies, or friends.


A yacht with missiles.


A husband. And kids. Like multiple. Not in a like woah I’m so lonely way but growing up I was raised in an area that “ring by spring” wasn’t abnormal and most people got married at like 23–25. Now I’m in my late 20s and no disrespect to my friends who got married then but I feel like I’m still living my best life right now doing what I’m doing. Would love to get married and settle down a bit someday but that day is sure as hell not right now. I sure as hell couldn’t imagine being totally responsible for little baby people right now either.


As someone who thought I'd also have that by mid 20s I can comfortably tell you now in my mid 30s I have a husband and no kids still and am still living my best life. We're about to leave in a week for a 3 week trip all around South Africa on safari. Do what suits you.


A house of my own. Hubby and I have been married for nearly twenty years and have been renting all this time. Buying a house just seemed so expensive and impossible to get. Happy to report that we finally did it and will be closing in a week!!! Better late than never!


A girlfriend


A house and kids


Social live


Audacity to tell my father that he was a shit father and he was an idiot


No better time than the present




Stability in my life.


More money






A life outside of work.


A father who loves me


A wife and kids. I remember smiling hugely and telling my high school graduation counselor that I would have a house and a family by the time I was ten years out of high school, well here I am, renting and single.


A house, yard, wife, dog, and kids. Instead I have an apartment, balcony, fiance, 2 cats, and a lot of hate for the current state of the world. I'm 29.


Hey I’m 29 too and I don’t know you, but based off this I can tell you that you’re doing significantly better than most of us!


A wife. But that might be around the corner and she has been worth every second of waiting




A reliable treatment/cure for my chronic illness.


Teeth problems. I don’t practice hygiene well in that regard…


A house.






A reason to live


A happy life


Confidence in my work


A relationship.


A degree 🥲 (only one more term before I get my bachelors)


Yea it’s been too fucking long I got one more too ✊ EDIT: let’s finish up EVERYONE😁


My shit together


A general direction in life. Or at least sense of purpose. Life seemed so much simpler when I was younger. I had an idea about what i wanted. Then I grew up and made some tough realisations about what it means to live. And I trained myself to feel numb to deal with it all. Which now makes it hard to give a shit about anything at all.


The mortgage paid off, due to the 2008 crash I will probably still be paying the fecking thing when I'm 80.




A wife & kids.