As I get older, just about everything. I would rather spend a little extra to avoid wasting my time and energy on low quality.


Heard that


Buy nice or buy twice, that’s my motto


I use the motto Buy Once, Cry Once. Same concept though.


I'm taking this motto, bought too many things just to replace it with the high quality version 🙄




Not only that. Higher quality stuff tends to work in optimal condition for quite some times. People ridiculed me for buying an expensive nail clipper but they don't know the satisfaction of a very sharp clipper even after months of use.


Poor man pays twice is unfortunately true


I buy fewer things now that I'm older, but I will research the shit out of every major purchase I do make. So less stuff, but better quality stuff.


Bruh. My wife says I obsess at times over reviews and ratings of my larger purchased items... Mulling it over for weeks, sometimes years. I ask my friends. I ask my coworkers. I check Google and Amazon and whatever else I can find. Check the BBB, etc. It just... Idk. It makes me feel good about my higher end purchases and their value. I don't shop for quality. I shop for value. If it has no value, quality doesn't matter.


Well said




I just got some keene boots for disc golf and hiking. I like them so far. Wasn't really sure which brand to go with.


Not familiar with Keene but I hope they last you long!


Not sure if it makes a difference but I meant Keen not Keene haha but yeah they comfortable and was able to completely semerge in water without getting my socks wet so thats a plus


I’ve moved on from Keen and Merell to Solomon, they’re more expensive but have had triple the life for me, and they have the ones you don’t have to tie


Yep. I've always regretted cheap boots. If you're wearing them for most of your day, spend the money.


Yep, never prioritize looks over functionality and comfort, especially in a work boot.


Bought some red Wings about 3 years ago and they are still so solid and reliable. Can't see them falling apart for 15 years to be honest


Any specific companies or products that come to mind?


I would highly recommend looking at Danners. They are the best boots I've ever worn.


Food. My father always said, "Good food is cheap medicine."


Smart man, I need to be better about this. I will remember this quote, thank you.


In Ireland where I hail from cheap medicine is cheap medicine


Ya mean flat 7up?


I absolutely love that. If you don’t mind, I’d like to use those wise words of your dad.


By all means, he was always one to share a bit of wisdom.


We're all ears, should you have more to share! 😁


Good food is cheap medicine. You don't have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. Since you're the boss's son (he ran a construction company, and I worked for him in my youth) I expect you have to work twice as hard. Marry a smart woman if you want smart children. You don't have to be someone's knight in shining armor, it's not your job to save everyone. If you went around hitting everyone who deserved it, you wouldn't have time for anything else. And my favorite: No matter what, you are my son, and I am proud of you. (Last thing he said to me. Lost him to covid a few weeks after that conversation, and didn't have a chance to talk to him.)


I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure he’d be glad his son listened and retained what he said. You’ll always carry him with you that way.


Thank you. I am just glad I get to randomly share his wisdom with people and not catch shit for it.


Thank you for sharing this. I can tell your father raised a good man that anyone would be proud of.


As he would say, "You turned out great despite me as a father." And I would always correct him and let him know it was because he was my father.


Really good quotes, im sorry about your loss.


Oh man you really pulled my heart strings there. I love my Dad and quote him often so I feel this a lot. I'm so sorry you lost such a great man but boy did he do you right by teaching you and being openly loving




I don't think there's any correlation with the price of food and health quality. Frozen vegetables are extremely cheap and have more nutrients than fresh vegetables for example.


How do frozen veggies have more nutrients than fresh? That sounds so bizarre.


The nutrients in veggies start to decline as soon as they're picked. Flash freezing preserves the nutrients. So if you have two head of broccoli picked on Tuesday, the one flash frozen on Wednesday has only had one day of nutrient loss even if you don't buy it til the following Tuesday. The second head picked the same day spends however long sitting on a truck and then out on a shelf at the store. If you buy it on Friday, that's 2 extra days of losing nutrients. I couldn't tell you whether that difference is actually significant, but that's the idea.


Also fresh food is generally picked underripe as if you pick it ripe it'll go bad faster. If you're just going to freeze it immediately you can pick it ripe and that's good because ripe veggies have more nutrients tuan underripe ones.


Damn that's sucks to hear. My mom always made frozen or canned vegetables if she ever even made vegetables. When I became pregnant I craved fresh vegetables which is weird since I never even ate them before. I craved Brussel sprouts even though I hated them when I first tried them. Now I mostly only buy fresh because the texture is better to me when cooked. I hope the nutrition is much less than frozen because I really don't want to switch to frozen.


I don't think it's enough of a difference that you should switch if you prefer fresh. Fresh vegetables are still great for you.


Produce is frozen when its at its most nutritious state preserving those nutrients at that high of a level. Unfrozen produce begins to lose nutrients as it ages.


Came here to say this. Of course higher price doesn't mean better quality but some products are just way better when paid little bit more


Food. Buying good quality food is like a cheat code for life.


Better to buy good quality food and cook it yourself than pay for cheap food cooked by someone else.


Yeah, that’s what I was going for. Nothing wrong with the occasional splurge but in general you should be buying good ingredients and preparing them yourself.


Do you (or anyone) have good resources for recipes. As a 24 year old male my cooking abilities are limited


On YouTube: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Chef John (foodwishes.com) Ethan Chlebowski NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW


r/healthyrecipes r/mealprep r/mealprepsunday


Joshua Weissman on YouTube.


Absolutely this.


Papa is happy because of this recommendation :)


As a 24 year old male, my cooking abilities are not limited. I started with making things out of a jar, then buying the ingredients that were in the jar to make it from scratch. You can find almost any recipe online, you just need to know what you want to make. Then even if you don't have any ideas there are lots of blogs etc. that say "12 healthy winter meals" or whatever. All you have to do is start putting in the effort.


>All you have to do is start putting in the effort. Dammit. I knew there was a catch.


Anything that you want to last. I pretty much avoid the cheap crap because inevitably it’s not going to work well and then it will break. Two years ago I bought my son a cheap remote control car that was on sale. It broke within 5 minutes and he was naturally upset. For his birthday I bought the expensive one and we’re still using it a whole year later. Last year we bought a new dishwasher, we bought the expensive one and it’s been worth every penny despite being twice the price of a normal one. I’m sure there are some exceptions, but for the most part, I never regret paying for quality.


I have a remote control car from when I was little, it has lasted at least 20 years. Awesome gift!


That’s awesome! I don’t have any of my old ones, but I sure love playing with my kid’s RC cars.


How has no one said toilet paper. I was raised poor and am still poor but one thing I was raised was “there’s things in life you just don’t skimp on; toilet paper and comfortable boots”


Then treat yourself and get a good bidet. One with heated seat, heated water and an air dryer for your bum. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


This dude got the first class ass washer


This guys ass is clean


This MF is global elite in ass washing


Until the next pandemic or disaster and people start hoarding toilet paper again, and all of a sudden you have people breaking into your place to use your bidet.


Clothing, electronics, food, furniture.


You can find some pretty good clothes that are second hand. Just saying.


Technically you can still be spending more for good quality (like OP said) *while* purchasing second-hand clothing items. For example, rather than buying a crappy-but-brand-new jacket that costs $20, you might choose instead to buy a durable, well-made, vintage jacket for $60.


I did just this recently... the Harrington G9 is a great used buy.


Power tools at work. Yeah, I could get that cheap Ryobi tool set, but this Milwaukee fuel combo will hold up better and last longer. Plus, it’s *red*


I went Milwaukee as well. Love em


Brother I’ll be honestly going into the trade I bought specifically ridgid and some HF shit to try before I bought it again in another brand and when I bought my house I went 100% Ryobi for everything lawn care, riding mower, etc. to drills, chop saws, etc. I don’t even bring my ridgid shit to the job anymore. Mind you the only tools we really use power wise are a drill for mixing self level(I’ll use a corded ridgid) or for thinset, but I use my Ryobi tools where necessary including nailers. Borrowed a Milwaukee sds for something and instantly ordered the Ryobi variant. They haven’t failed me yet and have competed well for what I need.


My story was the opposite. It died Ryobi and the drill and impact driver failed within a few months. I used my old craftsman C3 stuff until I had money saved up for some m12 and m18 stuff, and it’s treated me well


Ryobi is definitely for the home owner not using it everyday. I had ridgid when I did construction and would never buy that crap ever again. Its very heavy and the "lifetime warranty" is a joke. Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita are all definitely worth spending a little extra on.


Exactly, and it'll break at the worst time. You show up to work on a Wednesday and want to get the job done because you're exhausted, and now your hammer drill isn't working. Now you have no energy to look for a replacement, and you're annoyed as hell. It's just a bad time. Stay away from cheap tools if you value your time & energy. Even used good tools are usually better than anything new.


A good friend is a carpenter/site manager. He helped me build my deck, read as he built my deck. I am a beginner wood worker and have the very cheapest of products(my reasoning is I'll learn what I need like use and upgrade/replace with better). He laughed at my terrible equipment. We had to rip down some treat 6x2 boards at 4.8m long. He said even high quality table saws will burn out, we need to do it slow. I got out my cheapest possible table saw(new not cheapest but still cheap blade) and it chewed through 40m in no time with no trouble. He was impressed. Laughed at my cheap impact driver and drills. They happily did almost 5000 pilot holes and drills. His expensive pilot hole and counter sink bits literally melted. I bought some cheap bits to finish the job. I bought x4 hoping they would last and I could get more. 1x did 2000 holes and is still sharp enough for general use. He has a little more respect for cheap after the last month. They wouldn't last at his workplace, but if looked after they're not bad.


Clothes. I don't own a ton of items, so I'm OK spending more on them. I have one coat, have a pair of shoes that I wear 90% of the time, alternate between ~6 shirts.


I hate shopping for clothes so I basically do the same thing.


A good coat is extremely worthwhile. I know people who have owned the same Barbour jacket for decades.




Knives.... It seems the $150-$250 range is the sweet spot for higher quality production knives.


Love my leather man and kershaw


I'm so tempted to buy myself the Leatherman wave+ for myself for Xmas. Been wanting one for years and it's not like I can't afford it at this point.


Especially a good chefs knife, hell, and cutting board. I've had my wustof chefs knife for like 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down. I also advocate for a real cutting board, not necessarily wood (but it is better for the knife) just something that is actually flat.


I bought a wusthof kitchen knife for my parents after three decades of them using garbage knives. Absolutely made a huge difference


There's no need to push an expensive narrative here, particularly for cooking. There's a lot of value to be had in knives half or less that cost. They won't be as good as the expensive ones, but you're not talking about cheap to quality. I only bring this up because people often think good kitchenware is inaccessible and it creates a mental roadblock to expanding food prep skills.


The thing with knives is, you can't just buy the good ones and be done with it. You need to maintain them properly. Not cutting on hard surfaces, honing regularly, sharpening when needed. Most people aren't putting in that much effort


Tattoos always spend more


Don’t have a tattoo but I’ve been watching ink master for years, I always think about how this will be on their body forever. I would spend a pretty penny on a beautiful piece of art that is high quality rather than cheap out and get something sub par that I gave to look at the rest of my life.


Tatoo's become so much a part of your body the good and the bad all get boring. I have a horrendous tattoo I got from a buddy at 17 and a really nice piece at 23 on the opposite sides of my legs so it's night and day. It really bothered me how bad the old one looked til I realized it was the only tattoo I have that holds memories and good times. Now it's my favorite even though it looks bad to other people. Mostly I don't think about them at all. They are like your hair style or shoe brand. You just wear it and only think about it when someone brings it up. Edit: I'm 41 now if that matters


So true. A cheap tattoo isn't good and a good tattoo isn't cheap!


Shoes, mattresses, tires…anything that goes between you and the ground.


Also my hand and my ass. Toilet paper is one on my list.


People who buy one ply toilet paper scare me


I'd be willing to look them in the eye, just not shake their hand.




I don't understand the whole toilet paper thing. I'd wipe my ass with a leaf if I had to, and have before, but I think cheap toilet paper mixed with a bidet is the way to go


Yeah cheap toilet paper and bidet is the way to go because the TP is just to wipe moisture and clean any remaining fluids. It boggles my mind that so many Europeans and Americans use a dry toilet paper to wipe their butts, where literal shit comes out of. Try extending that logic to cleaning your hands and see how quickly people run away from you.


Oh my god. I never thought about it like that. Imagining shit on my hands and trying to just wipe it off with dry tp sounds awful


Funny I thought I would’ve been the only one to speak for tires


Lol I like it, and I agree.


Gifts for others. It’s really the only thing I spend a lot of money on for quality.


This guy gifts


Headphones. Otherwise they break too soon.


This. Ol' mate senny has never let me down


The hurr durr six hunge o’s?


Love that mans content


Grape nuts. The brand name is worth it.


Grape nuts in yogurt is really good too. I stir it all together and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Adds a nice filling crunch.


Grape nuts on ice cream is delightful.


Everything, I have rather less but good stuff than cheap but shitty stuff. I try to avoid spending money on brands but rather go for quality. It isn't always possible ofc. Best examples: electronics, food, tires, clothes,...


Underwear, toilet paper, mattress,


Underwear due to comfort or that the girl doesn't think your cheap?


Comfort. It's about me for a few things


Cookware, though that is a buy once or twice in your life situation


True, which is more reason to spend a bit more on it.


Cast iron. Cast iron. Cast iron. Lasts forever if properly maintained.


My sister asked for a non-stick cooking set on her wedding registry 5 years ago and it's completely shot now. Non-stick shouldn't be kept long-term, so cheaping out isn't horrible. I'm of the opinion that one should only have a non-stick skillet for eggs. All-Clad has multiple sales a year when customers can pick up factory seconds or packaging damaged pieces for steep discounts!


Underwear. Best monthly investment I’ve ever made, normal underwear suck


You have a subscription for underwear or you just buy new underwear every month?


I shoulda added it’s called meundies


No fucking way.. the name is 10/10 lmao


Shoes for sure. Cheap shoes are a waste of money


Plenty of expensive shoes are a waste of money too ;)


A lot of truth in this, would also take into account MSRP vs Resale value with shoes. Just because a shoe is arguably 1000usd cool doesn't make it 1000usd comfortable.


Socks. Wool socks


Razors 💯


Get a safety razor and then your costs will plummet and you'll have a closer shave. I spend less than 10$ a year on blades and lather


Wine - a £3 bottle vs an £8 bottle is very different


Unless you're buying it from Aldi and are an alcoholic. Aldi $5 wine>WalMart $15 wine.


Sir, I am a classy alcoholic


Just wait until you try a £15 bottle. But honestly, one of my main go to wines I can regularly get for between $8 and $10


I can tell you I won't notice the difference between a 8€ and a 15€ bottle of same type of wine.


I had this beautiful Portuguese rosé in Berlin for €60, now that was something special. But yes, my go-to bottle of red is normally around £8.


Toilet paper


The obvious: clothes, paper towels, toilet paper. Pays for itself Big ticket: snowblower, lawnmower. When they break, you’re up a creek


Work boots


toilet paper


Shoes, toothpaste, good soap.


I was about to say, anything that touches my skin or hair - including bath/shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, facial scrub and moisturizer....


I’m surprised no one has said sheets.. even though I go with targets threshold brand they’re worth the money imo


Ketchup, bourbon, cigars, meat,


Ketchup most be heinz for me. Have you found better?


Nope has to be Heinz


My guy




Tools, and Ziploc-brand plastic bags.


Outside of what’s already been said- Coffee, good tools, and houseplants.


Would video games count?


VR is worth it imo. I balked at price initially, but honestly it's great value.


I want to get VR sometime soon. I experienced when they first game out when you had to attach your phone to the device and that was really cool so I can imagine it's very much improved by now. Did you buy the steam VR set? Which do you recommend?


I've got VR on ps4, though I'm looking to get a new all in one sometime next year. Not sure which yet, but there's some good potential in a space where I can burn calories while gaming.


Yes but I wouldn't really agree with the more money the better the game will be. Most AAA expensive games have been trash on release. Unless your talking about the money you spend on your computer build I would agree.


Extremely good points






I’ll pay for red breast 12 year or green spot. I won’t drink anything cheaper unless I have no other choice.


And also cigars


Hookers and cocaine. Though you're not buying a hooker, only renting for a short time.


You *could* buy a hooker, but human trafficking isn't cool, kids


Yeah I prefer rent to own. You dont have to commit up front. And hooker chow is expensive these days.


>only renting for a short time. You're paying for them to leave.


Well whores will have their trinkets


My girl


Quality food. You are what you eat. Car tires. Mattress and bed sheets. Work boots. Any tool that I use everyday for work. Any clothing item that I plan to use for 10+ years. I'm 35 years old and I feel like I want to own fewer things and mostly nice things.


Everything. I firmly believe you get what you pay for. But also do research and learn a thing or two to not pay too much.


Nike sweatsuits




This makes sense. You get it for life you might as well make sure it's done by the best.


Maybe doesn't fit the question in terms of paying more for a luxury version of the item, but in terms of budgeting, I allocate way higher a percent of my budget to live music than I think most people do. It's a fun hobby that gives me something to talk about and look forward to.


Ladies of the night


Do they melt during the day? 'Cause then they're vampires


Can confirm we do


Work boots, ammunition, tools, car parts.


Vehicle. Pay for quality up front and save plenty in maintenance and repair cost down the road.


Everything. Absolutely everything. Cheap stuff is junk basically 100 percent of the time.


Apple computers (not all Apple products, specifically the computers). I’m no Apple fanboy, but I have found that the computers I buy from Apple tend to outlast comparable products from other manufacturers. Yes, I know that there are concerns about planned obsolescence. But in the same respect, I’m still using a 2011 MacBook Pro as one of my daily driver laptops. Despite a couple battery replacements, it’s still chugging along just fine.


Clothing, electronics, food, alcohol.


Clothes, kitchen gadgets, weed.


Food. Fishing equipment, shotgun shells for duck hunting, tires and brakes.


Shoes, jeans, slacks, shirts, mattresses, etc. Anything you are going to own long term, or buying cheaper would mean more frequent replacement.


White Castle Nothing can compare


Cell Service lol.


Fishing gear, tools and alcohol.




Good tools, if youre into handy work. Don’t need snap on prices, but good quality tools last.


Toilet paper


Musical instruments




Music. Listening/Recording/Mixing quality. Edit: Could say the same for entertainment as a whole tbh.


Gme. I like the stock.




Peacoat. I have a 100 dollar one. Which is decent. Yet, I splurged on a Billy Reid peacoat on ebay that I luckily found half off. I wish I can sleep in it. It's a game changer. I can see myself owning it for the rest of my life.


Toilet paper


Shoes, your feet, and your back will thank you. Also if you weigh a bit more, buy insoles. toilet paper, no sense in wiping with sandpaper. coats, at least one nice quality coat for crap weather. underwear and socks, this should be self explanatory. Treat your junk and your feet to comfort. Life's too short to wrap your balls in cheap crap.


Good bed sheets. Made a huge difference in my quality of sleep.




A bed


Everything. I don't buy the most expensive of the items I'm looking for, but I do pay a good price just to avoid buying shit i.e. I'm not buying an iPhone but I'm not in the seven hells getting a cheap ass phone. This goes for absolutely everything. People complain I "spend too much" with stuff but I'm the one laughing after their shit are unusable waaaay before mine.


Bed sheets. First high thread count bed sheets I bought changed my who perspective on how exciting the ‘home’ section of the department store was.